5 Calming Meditation-Mantras for Anxious Times

A deep happiness! This is my first published spirituality article:

“5 Calming Meditation-Mantras for Anxious Times,” by Meisaan Chan.

The article integrates simple relaxation meditations with body somatics (what I call “embodied meditations”), which has been an increasingly critical tool for me in these times.

This article is from is a members-only publication, but I got permission to share it with you. This is for Spiritual Directors International.

Some other things I’m going to be publishing: Writings on self-care, the fusion of mind/body/spirit, and different types of writings for spiritual seekers. Stay tuned, more things down the pipeline.

I am in training to be a spiritual companion, to walk with folks who want to journey closer with Spirit in all of its multitudinous forms and don’t want to do so alone. If this is intriguing to you, let me know in the comments or contact me personally. I will let you know when more information is ready.

To the journey!
– Meisaan

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