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To say these last twelve months have been challenging is not even the beginning. 

But you can begin some layers of self-care.

Hope and Rejuvenation – that is the theme. Did your hope diminish or even die this past year? Are you weary and exhausted?

Come join us as we look at welcoming in a different kind of hope. It’s a new world, and we need a new hope – and that very well can look very different than before.

Come join us as we rejuvenate the heart.

Through meditation of the mind and body, we will be exploring these things – hope and rejuvenation. There will be breakout groups, POC and non-POC. There will be time for private reflection. 

There will be time to breathe. To reconnect with the body.

Come on over. The cost is by donation only, thanks to my Patreon group which is supporting these endeavors – to effectively have no pay wall and make healing accessible to all.

Here’s the registration link.

Here is some information about an upcoming self-care retreats.

Self-care retreat: Journeying Through the Darkness

For those of you who are journeying through the unknown in these dark times, here is a self-care retreat I am designing and leading for you. January 2. It’ll go for two hours, and we will explore the paradox: How can you find clarity in the unknown? How can one best proceed?

We will be tapping into the elements and earth wisdom – because does not the earth also proceed in these dark times? We will be tapping into the wisdom of Spirit (God/Goddess/Ancestors/Earth), especially when our primary tool of knowledge (based on facts and the known) is no longer primary.

The retreat is donation-only, pay what you can – because of course for many of us, the unknown means the financially unknown future as well. No one will be turned away.

This event is public, feel free to share with others who are seeking sustenance in these dark, unknowing times.

Click here for registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/134278650057 


The official description:
In this time of deep transition, pivoting, and darkness in our lives, so many of us are facing the unknown in every direction. Finances, employment, relationships, health – so many of these and more – many of us are now standing on very uncertain ground. What leads us when the intellect cannot? For our primary tool, knowledge – and its companions, predictability, certainty, stability – is gone. Plans that had seemed absolute have dissolved beneath our feet. How do we find an inner stability that is independent of the unknown? How can we find an internal steadiness in the darkness?

For this self-care retreat, we will engage in visual meditations and reflections to assist you journey through the darkness. We will draw wisdom from the earth elements (air, water, earth, fire) and the Spirit that undergirds it all. There will be time for guided meditation, personal reflection, and sharing.

Donation-only. No one will be turned away. Here is an invitation to journey together.

Meisaan Chan

Self-care Retreats: Tending to Loss

An identical retreat will be given twice, one for BIPOC only (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), and one Open To All. Click on one of the photos below to sign up.

This retreat is interspiritual. I will use words like “Spirit,” “Divine,” “Ancestors,” “God.” Feel free to internally replace any of those words with what is most accurate for you.

As the days go on, our losses mount up. So, it is really important to keep moving this loss through the body, mind, and spirit. One main approach I will be using is this: Loss is like water. Healthy water flows and is safe to drink. Stagnant water is not safe to drink. Such is with loss. Loss is natural and normal. And so we will be using the body, spirit, and mind to help move this loss through us, to keep loss healthy. We will be moving emotions and loss through the body. This is not yoga but using deep and tender somatic work for healing loss.

You will learn tools you can take with you and use for the ensuing months and path ahead. So it is a retreat, yes. But it is also a time and space for you to receive tools because this journey is far from over.

The topics we will cover are: Grounding, Soothing, Releasing, the Heart Breaking Open, Emptying, and Filling.

Cost: Donation. Recommended offering: $50-$300. No one will be turned away.

I am so looking forward to this. To journeying together with you.

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