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Parable of the child learning to walk

The kingdom of God is like a child learning to walk: At first, she grasps at whatever is in reach, and if it is not solid, she falls. Slowly, she learns what is solid and grasps only those things – … Continue reading

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Parable of the woman and the pebble

The kingdom of God is like a woman who moved into a new house. She left the largest room empty except for a single pebble, and when she was ready, she swept the pebble away. © Meisaan Chan

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The parable of the two women climbing the mountain

The kingdom of heaven is like two women climbing a mountain. The first woman made it all the way up to the top; the second woman stumbled and fell the whole way. On the way back, they both died and … Continue reading

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Parable of the lonely woman

Once, God appeared to a woman. “I am the Lord,” God said. “You aren’t the Lord,” the woman replied. “I would recognize the Lord on sight.” God appeared to a second woman. “I am the Lord,” God said. “Not true,” … Continue reading

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