A calming message from Meisaan: on coronavirus, and grounding resources

My friends,

Very likely, we are all touched by coronavirus at this point. I will post here content that is intentionally grounding, soothing, and reminds us of the One Who Is. Stay tuned for an upcoming embodied meditation to help return us to calm inour bodies and muscles, not just our minds.

Also, I am posting exclusive content on my FB page that fosters inner groundedness, self-care, self-compassion, and inner clarity. If you want to join me, I am writing under my English name, Crystal Chan: 


I send you all grounded strength to the ways you tend to people and yourself, and joy. God (“That Which Is Greater”) is God! Even in darkness! Especially in darkness! Love reveals Itself in glory. May we be doubling down on the inner strengthening practices we already have, for that will get us through, for ourselves and others.

And also to say: Be safe. Body, of course. And doubly: Mind and spirit. There is a spiritual danger to let go of our inner anchors in times of crisis, with the temptation that some other anchor might be greater, whether it be the headlines, leaders, etc. I pray for all of us to tend deeply to our inner anchors. What has gotten us this far will continue to provide.

Something is afoot. There are hidden blessings, and That Which Is Greater is much, much larger than our plans or imaginations. May we watch in trust and confidence.

Very fondly,

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2 Responses to A calming message from Meisaan: on coronavirus, and grounding resources

  1. Barbara Reed says:

    Thank you for this, sweet Meissen crystal. Really hit home with me. You were on my mind this morning as you so often are. Miss you. Be well. Xxx

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    • Meisaan Chan says:

      You’re very welcome. May we have the fortitude of memory: That we remember all of the ways that God has already rescued us in the past and will continue to do so now. The more we remember, the more we reconnect with that foundation.

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