Reminder for Self-Care Retreat: Hope and Rejuvenation: March 13

To say these last twelve months have been challenging is not even the beginning. 

But you can begin some layers of self-care.

Schedule in time for you.

Hope and Rejuvenation – that is the theme. Did your hope diminish or even die this past year? Are you weary and exhausted?

Come join us as we look at welcoming in a different kind of hope. It’s a new world, and we need a new hope – and that very well can look very different than before.

Come join us as we rejuvenate the heart.

Through meditation of the mind and body, we will be exploring these things – hope and rejuvenation. There will be breakout groups, POC and non-POC. There will be time for private reflection. 

There will be time to breathe. To reconnect with the body.

Come on over. The cost is by donation only, thanks to my Patreon group which is supporting these endeavors – to effectively have no pay wall and make healing accessible to all.

Come on over.


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