Good Friday Sun Meditation

You woke me up with gentle song

caressed my spirit

and bade me sit in my prayer chair.

Sit with me. It is dawn on Good Friday

and that still means something for you.

So I did, wanting to be with That Which Bade

I wanted to sit with It, to open the door of my presence

and be open to the Presence that is always open.

I wanted to be receptive.

My thoughts, however, wanted to prattle on as always

and I had to keep returning my attention to Presence

lest they unwittingly close the door.

The sun continued to rise.

How funny that the sun makes no noise yet affects everything on earth!

How funny that my thoughts make no noise,

affect very little on earth, and yet since I hear them so loudly

I think they are paramount and give them everything!

All the while, the sun teaches that the noise of a thing does not signify its importance;

All the while, the sun bades me to keep my door open

as it arcs up the sky

© Meisaan Chan

About Meisaan Chan
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