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This Saturday night

This Saturday night I stayed home to talk with God. Sometimes we go out dancing sometimes we hit a movie when the carnival’s in town, for sure we go to that but this Saturday night we had a good, long … Continue reading

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The exquisite hand

With just a turn of the head, the web turns invisible, a reminder that we are surrounded by an exquisite hand though perhaps we do not see © Meisaan Chan (Photo credit: National Geographic)

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In the calmness

  In the calmness  the gentle hand, in the quiet  the yearning     © Meisaan Chan  

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O David, my singing brother

  O David, my singing brother aflame with canticles in the night fingers burning for the strings an unseen hand etching paeans of fire on your heart and you, barely breathing on your bed, wide-eyed, seeing everything even in the … Continue reading

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