A tender retreat for exhausted teachers – please pass along

Friends, on June 11, I am offering a gentle care retreat to help exhausted teachers of all age levels. It’s designed to help them connect with their revitalization and agency, process grief, name their growth, and reclaim their joy.

I’m hearing a lot from teachers these days:
“I’m so burned out… I don’t know how much longer I can stay a teacher. Time will tell.” – Anonymous

“Honestly, it’s overwhelming. One day I found normally always positive teacher crying in the bathroom, heartbreaking.” – Anonymous

Registration for this retreat is now open. If teachers register with people they know, they can request to be put in small groups together during the retreat, which could be a really powerful and integrative way to process these complex times.

Please pass this along. Additionally, if you would like to gift a retreat to a teacher you know and love or contribute to my teachers equity fund, click here.

Thank you. May your ways be blessed.

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