FREE retreat for the unemployed/job-seeking – This Thursday!

For those who are struggling with the emotional roller coaster of being unemployed or job seeking, here is a gentle time to reconnect with your self-worth. Being un/underemployed is excruciating: On top of the emotional and physical isolation, you can feel the judgments of society, interviewers, loved ones, and self, on top of financial hardship, anxiety, and more.

It can be hard to lose sight of your intrinsic worth. Come reconnect to your deepest value.

What to expect:

You will be led through a gentle visual meditation of sending your roots deep into your intrinsic self-worth, your unmovable value. No matter the storms you face or the messages you receive from those around you, you will be led to a place of emotional independence from these external messages, to a place of tending, care, grounding, and interconnectedness.

When: Thursday, August 12
Time: 11 AM-12:30 PM CT
Cost: Free

Register: HERE

See you there, my friends. – Meisaan

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