Come to my writing workshop! Finding the Essence


Do you connect with my haiku-esque poetry?
Do you want to explore the process of finding the essence?
Do you have words within you and want to pare to the core?

I’m delighted to share this opportunity: On Saturday, May 22, I’m leading a writing workshop: Finding the Essence. This workshop is for writers and people who consider themselves non-writers, open to all ages in intergenerational delight.

We know that these times have been turbulent, and sometimes it’s hard to get through the jumble of words to know what our heart is really feeling. What our soul really wants to say. It’s hard to know what is our next inner step.

I’m leading a workshop this coming Saturday, May 22, for anyone – anyone – who has a lot of words inside them and wants to find the essence. There has been so much tumult in the external world; it makes much sense if there is tumult in the inner world. So here is a time and place to tenderly hold and honor the inner world, to clarify what the inner world really wants to say.

The workshop will have time for large group, small group and individual time. Small groups will be divided into People of Color and non-People of Color. If you would like to be assigned to a specific person (a writing friend who is doing this with you, family member, friend) then just send me a note and I will match you up.

It is by donation only, give what you can, give what brings you joy.

Register HERE.

See you soon.

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