The rescue: After the end of the world

Nothing should move
but the world moves against the rules –
are we not even to abide by the end of the world?

My heart has seized with grief
should not, also, earth’s farthest atom?
What now, dear feet – where are you to walk
now that all paths are scorched?
For all is ash, nothing recognizable
there is no next step

I scream to the Lord
a shriek of an eagle pierces the sky
echoes over land of incineration

Roused by love
by my torment and anguish
it comes

Scorched earth smokes,
nostrils flare, eyes water
but suddenly, a great Shadow
falls over noonday desert sun
Oppressive heat lifts
as cloudless sky rains gentle down
soothing mist over smoke and ash

It mists like this for days.
The great Shadow covers the sun,
translucence casting gentle light.
Not a cloud in the sky, only
wing of shadow and mist.

The earth cools, slowly and deep
as calm mist penetrates
gentle layering of love

The mist continues until seeds break open and through the earth
As the moon cycles and the sun waxes and wanes
the earth remembers the scorched dust of despair
and now, also, the wing of rescue

© Meisaan Chan

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