Scholarship for you! Self-care retreat on loss starts this Saturday

Great news! Another generous donor has made a donation for my gentle, somatic (body-centered) self-care retreat on loss. The upshot for you: Pay whatever you want/can, even if it is one dollar, and you will be covered.

My heart is full of gratitude for those who give. My heart is full of compassion for all of us who hurt. My heart is also full of hope for the exquisite desire of the soul to heal, to remain alive and connected in these times.

What will the retreat be like? Think of it as a tool-giving retreat. As in, you will receive tools that you can use for your journey. Tools to:

Stay calm and grounded while experiencing loss;
Soothe your body, your mind, spirit, and heart (either for grief or anxiety or both);
Honor the love that you have lost;
Cleanse your body/spirit/mind of negative/stuck energies that cling to you;
Receive healing balm in your body when your heart breaks open;
Begin the process of filling the heart.

Come on over. It’s open to all, this Saturday and Sunday afternoons. There will also be a social time for us to connect informally after each day. Because healing from loss is private. Because healing from loss is collective, the reaching out, the feeling of the hand grasping yours back.

See you there.

October 24-25 (Noon-4 PM each day, Central Time)

Register here:

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