The catch

In softness light
in silken whispers
in weary collapse
in the catch

© Meisaan Chan

About Meisaan Chan
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2 Responses to The catch

  1. Barbara Reed says:

    Hi sweet friend, my long time dear friends husband is desperately ill with a rare auto-immune encephalitis. Has been in northwestern hospital for 5 weeks and not responding to treatments. You are a miracle and we need a miracle. His name is Peter. Her name is nancy. Just had to ask you. Be well. Xxx

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    • Meisaan Chan says:

      Barbara – I’m so sorry to hear of this news, and I will certainly pray for Peter, Nancy, and you. May the Spirit that enfolds catch you and them in the divine net of safety – a net made of both rope and emptiness. May you take comfort in the security of the rope as you sit in the empty unknowns of these times.

      Since this email is on a public page, if you want to send me a message privately, I invite you to do so at

      Blessings of strength to you and blessings of trust upon the God of miracles and mercy – mc

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