Correction: Exploring the Spirit with Meisaan – *January* 8, 2020

(Date correction: January 8. Thanks!)

Are you spiritually open? Do you want to be with others who are also open to exploring the spirit?

Come join Meisaan Chan and a group of people who care deeply about the spiritual path – its questions, paradoxes, and how what we believe deeply guides us through our hardship, our joys, and the decisions in our lives. Come join folks who want to engage in deep conversation, probe deeper, and connect with others along the way.

Bring your faith, doubts, disbeliefs, paradoxes, and the ways you want to surrender more deeply to your spiritual path. Your spiritual identity. The essence of your essence.

What to expect:
7 PM – Gather and introductions, ground rule*
7:15 PM– Conversation: What do you believe? How do you want to live more deeply and meaningfully in this life? (And other questions)
8:20-8:30 PM – Optional prayer (you are welcome to pray in whatever way works best for you)

We welcome the diversity of belief and life experience. For if That Which Is is infinite, then there are infinite expressions that can become manifest.

*Ground Rule: There is to be no blaming, shaming, proselytizing, or debating what someone believes or does not believe. Anyone who violates this ground rule will be asked to leave.

Where: Cenacle Retreat and Conference Center, 513 W. Fullerton Pkwy, Chicago 60614
When: Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Cost: Free

Free on-site parking

About Meisaan Chan
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