All the ways we justify detouring from our path!

All the ways we justify detouring from our path!
All the ways we could grow strong in following, yet don’t

© Meisaan Chan

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2 Responses to All the ways we justify detouring from our path!

  1. Karen says:

    Ahhh! But consider this: What if there are no detours? What if God/ the Universe is so ginormous, so loving, so giving, so dynamic, that there is no getting away from God? What if what is written is actually true — all the years the locusts have eaten will be given back to you? So that every single “detour” was a pathway to an even deeper connection with the Presence? What if all roads lead to God because God is all there is?

    This came into my awareness immediately upon reading your words and so I offer them to you.



    • Meisaan Chan says:

      Absolutely, God is everywhere and there is no getting away from God… but one still has the choice to turn away, to be closed. An image comes to mind: Making a tight fist and plunging it into a container of water. The water still surrounds you, it is still everywhere – and even, there is water within your hand, inside of it, in the cells and blood and tendons and muscles – but you are still closed, it is still a fist. Much better to open your hand, to release, to open yourself to That Which is already surrounding and within you. For just as an open hand is still surrounded by water, a closed fist is still surrounded by water (and indeed, still comprised of water!). Our choice to be open or closed does not affect the fact that we are still surrounded and part of the Divine.

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