You’re invited: An Evening of Calm and Grounding

Tend to the space within.

Welcome to a candlelit, stained-glass chapel in Chicago and step into the quiet; receive a candle to sit with when you arrive. Feel free to bring journals, books, and/or things that help ground you. Zafus (sitting cushions) and zabutons (sitting mats) will be provided.** Chairs/pews are also available, and you are welcome to sit anywhere in the chapel you would like or lie down on the pews, if you wish.

For those who desire, there will be time for group reflection. There will be time for optional group prayer as well.

This evening is open to the entire spectrum of people of faith and doubt and no faith.

Come for all or part of the evening:
6:30-8:30pm – silent reflection
7:30-8:15pm – optional group reflection
8:15-8:30pm – optional group prayer*

Date: July 19, 2017, 6:30-8:30 PM
Location: Cenacle Retreat and Conference Center (513 West Fullerton Pkwy., Chicago 60614)
Cost: Free, donations welcome.
Parking: Free.

* We are all somewhere along the spectrum of faith and doubt and no faith, of different religions and spiritualities and philosophies. If you pray in specific religious/spiritual terms, know that that is your experience alone and is not to be assumed or proscribed for others. If you believe in a God and have a particular name for God/imagery, you are welcome to address God using that name/imagery. However, that is your experience alone. Our time of prayer is open to all people who want to join. There is to be no teaching, preaching, evangelizing, debating, or shaming for what someone else believes or doesn’t believe.

** Thank you to Chicago Zen Meditation Community for lending their zafus and zabutons.

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