A note from Meisaan: A journey, and a request for prayers

Dear Friends,

On Sunday I’ll be hiking across a good chunk of Spain – 125 miles along the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage path. People hike the Camino for all sorts of reasons – some religious; some just got a divorce; some want to find the meaning of life; the list goes on. I’ll be going with a group of about 30 people and seeing what Spain and the Universe have to teach me, walking 12-15 miles/day, sleeping at hostels at night.

The full Camino is 500 miles and takes about 30-60 days to complete: I’ll be doing a portion of that and taking about 2 weeks. I leave on Sunday for Madrid and will bus it to the Camino from there.

If you want, feel free to send me your wishes/desires/prayers at meisaanchan@gmail.com; I’ll write them on paper and carry them with me as I journey across Spain.

So you don’t have to walk alone.


[One woman blogs about her full Camino trek, and photo credit here]Crystal Chan's photo.

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