A note from Meisaan: A brief interlude

Dear Friends,

I’m taking two weeks of an interlude from the regular poetry and sharing a bit of my wrestling with the religion of my birth, Christianity. These poems have been written over a series of years and are not necessarily where I am on my faith walk presently. Nor am I a theologian; if you have theological concerns about these poems, you are probably right. Instead of looking at the rightness or wrongness of the poems, I offer them to you as part of one’s spiritual search, as in a way we are all searching. Perhaps they might speak to you or someone you know; feel free to pass them on. And if you don’t like this changeup, stop back in about two weeks and we’ll pick up with the poetry you came here for.

To the journey, in all its twists and turns –



About Meisaan Chan

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2 Responses to A note from Meisaan: A brief interlude

  1. illinipeg says:

    Looking forward to what unfolds on these pages 😉 Thanks for the heads up.

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