Touching the hem: reaching out for healing

Muscle fibers tear
the soul lengthens
joy: yes

© Meisaan Chan

About Meisaan Chan
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2 Responses to Touching the hem: reaching out for healing

  1. Max says:

    I like this. May be worth thinking through a bit more. What causes the stress? How does the pain feel? What turns the pain to joy? Even without being specific this could be about many things? Giving Birth comes to mind. Are you every planing to publish your writing?

    • Meisaan Chan says:

      Max – thanks so much for your feedback. I’m glad it connects with you. I would love to have these poems published, but I’m leaving that up to the Mystery to reveal, if and when and how. But don’t worry; if that day comes, I’ll be posting an announcement here. In the meantime, I *am* published in the children’s literary world, under the name Crystal Chan. My novel’s name is BIRD. Be well! And be in touch – mc

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