Sometimes my way is open [Guest Reflection]

Karen Brailsford, an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner at Agape, used my poem below to open a reflection for her community. It was originally written as a reflection leading up to Christmas, but the elements of light/darkness are so pertinent for us these winter days. Enjoy!

Sometimes my way is open
like the earth upon which wild horses run;
other times, my way is veiled
only those who delve in darkness can see.

Meisaan Chan

The Light Within

There is a light within you that can be seen from the farthest corners of the universe. It burns brighter than longing and hope. It stirs the senses and fires up passions, it revs the engines that propel you on your course. It will not be dimmed or snuffed. It is eternal.

Now, in this season of glad tidings and joy, remember this light. Stoke it with self-love. Then venture into those darkened places in your soul—and flip the switch. Let go of belief and judgment, and bask in the not knowing. Surrender all those falsehoods you may have had about yourself or others, and revel in the majesty that you are, that we all are.

In this joyously heralded season we get to boldly stride into the manger and walk out as new creatures. We begin again. Let your cup runneth over with love and more love—and even greater love—so that it feels as if your synapses are on fire and your soul is bursting out of the seams of your body. That explosion you are now experiencing is a brave new world coming into existence. It is the Big Bang all over again, and each and every one of you is Creator.

Seek the light in those around you: friends, lovers, family, strangers. Their light is beckoning you, bidding you “namaste.” Draw closer to it and warm your heart on the hearth of peace and unity. The rocket’s red glare’s got nothing on you! In this season of lights, embrace the darkness. In the darkness, remember the light. In the light, remember the darkness. Forge your path so that others may see their own way out of the shadows and into glory and greater glory. This is the season of rebirth. Ignite. Radiate. Celebrate!

I am on fire for good and for grace! I let my light shine and I let love prevail! I am a new creature!

Karen Brailsford

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2 Responses to Sometimes my way is open [Guest Reflection]

  1. Karen says:

    xoxox Gratitude, grace and blessings!


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