The Persistent One

Sometimes I come and you’re not there;
maybe you’re out to lunch
or didn’t hear the page – no shame.
It happens.
I’ll be back.

© Meisaan Chan



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4 Responses to The Persistent One

  1. redgladiola says:

    Ah, I’ve had this happen. Tend to yourself before you let someone else hurt you. Few appreciate the effort used when someone reaches out to them, until they try the same and find silence.

  2. True, true! But on the spiritual path, persistence is necessary – and even more necessary, for God to be persistent with us. Even still, God gives us breathing space, too, waiting for us to hunger again. I actually hadn’t thought of that before – the fact that God gives us breathing space. Good stuff to sit with, Redgladiola. 🙂

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