They say that for infants,
steady, loving gazes, eye-to-eye,
form the basis for intimacy and
trust and emotional stability as adults;
this gaze of open love leaves a forever imprint.
And what of the earth?
Does she not, too, gaze upon us
desiring us to gaze deeply back,
she, with the eyes of mountains and sunsets
and humid rows of corn in August
and moss as it hangs heavy on the trees
and lakes, frozen over
and dragonflies flitting?
Those of us who grew up gazing
find ourselves forever imprinted, too –
for no matter how many years have passed
or miles we’ve traveled
we know that exact sound of apples growing
or the wild smell of ocean spray
or the texture of the dark blue hills at sunset;
when we return, something within us releases,
that wide arc again resumes its curve,
then completes the circle.
© Meisaan Chan

About Meisaan Chan
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