Dark is the night

Dark is the night
but your heart is a window
lighting the world
© Meisaan Chan
(Photo credit: National Geographic)

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7 Responses to Dark is the night

  1. Betsy Devany says:

    Gorgeous. LOVE this poem.

    • Thank you so much, Betsy! I love it, too. I’ve been keeping abreast of the news in the Middle East and feeling just so impotent about all the suffering. I feel this poem holds both, the darkness and light, and our role in it. And I love the photo – ours is not the only window shedding light. Take courage: we are many.

  2. Betsy Devany says:

    I hear you on being impotent about all the suffering–it gets overwhelming–but my hope is that light will always prevail. I will keep telling myself: “We are many.”

  3. Yes, yes!!! And staying in good community is also crucial for our spirits.

  4. den169 says:

    The picture is so captivating and appropriate.

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