Tango lessons

I will never push
always suggest
a dancer on the floor,
with the slightest pressure
speaking the language of skin
waiting to take you everywhere
if you listen
And if you don’t
we can dance the basic step forever
but please don’t tell me I’m lackluster
when I’m just waiting for you
to let me lead
The follower does not need to know
what step comes next
only how to respond
at a moment’s notice
And it will get intricate, yes,
so don’t look at the blur of feet –
to know what you cannot
and hear what I want
dare to close your eyes
  © Meisaan Chan

About Meisaan Chan

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6 Responses to Tango lessons

  1. Ray says:

    VERY, VERY Brautiful!!!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. migueltio says:

    So feeling this! So beautiful! I love to dance too!!

    • 😀 – I’d always heard that the tango was incredibly complex, but it wasn’t until I took a couple lessons that I was completely floored. A beautiful dance, and truly intricate. Glad it resonated with you.

  3. Ginny York says:

    Such a beautiful portrayal of God’s patience and creativity. Loved it!

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