“What can I call you?” I ask.
“Call me whatever you like,” she says.
“Can I call you Eye of the Universe?” I ask.
She smiles. “Sure.”
“Can I call you Great Spirit?” I ask.
She grins. “Why not?”
“Can I call you Higher Power?”
She spreads her arms open. “Go ahead.”
“What about George?” I ask.
She laughs. “My dear, my name will not change who I am.”
© Meisaan Chan

About Meisaan Chan
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One Response to Names

  1. Oooh, Karen! Your comment totally made my day. I’ve always thought of these poems as “strange little ditties that I write” – it makes me so happy that they speak to others, too. It makes for a much more enjoyable journey, that’s for sure. All sorts of companions!

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