You are not Kuan Yin of a thousand hands

Before you pick up the next thing
please put down something you’re holding:
keep the balance

© Meisaan Chan

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2 Responses to You are not Kuan Yin of a thousand hands

  1. Tom Sparough says:

    Love this idea. I often find myself looking for something else before I have finished with what I have currently endeavored to do. It seems once I finish, the next opportunity always appears. My problem occurs when I haven’t finished, but I am stuck on being disappointed that I don’t know what is next. Out of balance, I might say.

    • Meisaan Chan says:

      Tom – so much of that balancing act lies in trust: trusting that the next opportunity will actually appear. That whatever we decide to let pass will open our hands to something else that is actually a better fit. Not easy, for sure. Yet when we are off balance, it takes so much more energy to journey, we are so much less efficient. To the long haul! (grinning) That great Camino path! – mc

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