The slipping

[the audio link is below, for those of you who would like a listening prayer-meditation]
Sometimes on our climb I lose my footing
and as I slip, I wonder why
I’m on this path, why
there are paths at all, why
it matters if I climb or not, why
the terrifying darkness follows me –
and then you grab me and hold me close to rock
until I find a place to stand, to place my weight
until the rock holds and you hold and yes, hold, hold, hold
until the sky appears again and the ground again below
and the rock is solid and still you hold;
and as you wait with me, the answers return, like flittings from a dream
which solidify and massify until they are more massive than the cliff
face, until they become the glowing path again,
until strength returns to my hands again
until the strength of my will matches my strength’s strength
and only then do we continue:
onward, rugged, blessed steps
© Meisaan Chan
Listen here:

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